When to Consider FemiLift for Age-Related Vaginal Changes

When to Consider FemiLift for Age-Related Vaginal Changes

Vaginal atrophy is a common problem for many women, especially during the menopause years. Yet despite how common it is, many women never seek treatment, incorrectly believing that the symptoms they have are just part of getting older.

In fact, there’s nothing natural about the uncomfortable symptoms associated with vaginal atrophy. And there are ways to treat atrophy and relieve your symptoms, so you feel more comfortable and more confident.

As a leading gynecologist in South Miami, Florida, Rafael J. Perez, MD, FACOG, helps women at the Center for Urogynecology and Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery overcome vaginal atrophy with the state-of-the-art FemiLift® system, designed to restore vaginal health and function. 

In this post, learn how FemiLift works and how it could help you feel more comfortable.

The basics of vaginal atrophy

Also called atrophic vaginitis, vaginal atrophy happens when estrogen levels decline, causing significant changes in your vaginal tissues, including loss of elasticity and lubrication. 

When hormone levels fall, the vaginal walls can become dry, thin, and inflamed, leading to a lot of uncomfortable symptoms.

Because vaginal atrophy tends to be most common after menopause, it’s sometimes referred to as genitourinary syndrome of menopause or GSM. Regardless of when it happens, vaginal atrophy causes an array of symptoms, including:

Many women with vaginal atrophy also experience a loss of vaginal tone, resulting in decreased sexual satisfaction for both partners.

Vaginal atrophy also disrupts the normal pH balance inside your vagina, increasing the likelihood of yeast infections and urinary tract infections.

How FemiLift can help

FemiLift is a nonsurgical treatment designed especially for women with vaginal atrophy. Its laser energy stimulates natural healing inside your vaginal walls. We apply laser energy directly to your vaginal tissues via a wand-shaped applicator that we gently insert into your vagina.


The laser emits pulses of energy that penetrate the vaginal wall, targeting tissues where collagen and elastin form. These two proteins help support vaginal health while providing the vagina with its natural tone and elasticity.

Laser heat also stimulates production of natural vaginal fluids for better lubrication. The result is a vagina that looks and feels more toned, while also maintaining a healthy pH balance and reducing uncomfortable symptoms. 

When to consider FemiLift

Bottom line: FemiLift can be an effective treatment for any woman who wants to:

Plus, because it’s nonsurgical, there’s no need to worry about potential complications of anesthesia.

Most of our patients notice results within a couple weeks of treatment, once tissue remodeling occurs. The treatment takes about 20-30 minutes, and we repeat it as needed to maintain your results. 

Learn more about FemiLift

Why suffer from symptoms of vaginal atrophy when you don’t have to? FemiLift treatment can help. To learn more, call us at 305-240-6047 to request an appointment with Dr. Perez and our team at the Center for Urogynecology and Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery today.

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